ATC SCM150ASL active monitors
Buzz REQ 2.2 Mastering Equalizer
Sontec 250EX EQ
Antelope Pure2 AD/DA
Cranesong HEDD convertor and processor
Dangerous Music Mastering Console
Manley Massive Passive tube Mastering Equalizer
RND Neve Masterbus Processor Compressor / Limiter
ADT Toolmod modified compressor and EQ
Black Box HG-2 saturation unit
Neumann VMS70 lathe , SX74 cutterhead,SAL74B,Zuma pitch computer
UAD2 w/Precision,Neve,Helios,Pultec...
Various software tools-Sony Oxford,etc
Apple computers running multiple DAW systems
Crookwook metering
Treated room GIK and ASC acoustics